Strategic Management Model Examples

Hello, I am currently stuck in an area on the Business Issues and Contexts of HR module- struggling to find a model that's from the literature (through ICS and really can't find any examples online). Thompson and Strickland has surfaced through research but I wondered if anyone can recommend any other relevant models?

Many thanks! 

"Summarise the key stages in strategy formulation and implementation with reference to a model from the literature. You should also refer to the role of HR in each of the stages and in particular, highlight HR’s contribution to business ethics and accountability"

  • Sadly, I can't offer you help at the moment but will be following this thread as this is my next module. In fact, I will have workshop session on Thursday so may be able to pass some info on. Best of luck with your research in the meantime.
  • Hi
    I am studying with DPG but for CHR I referred to Johnson and Scholes (2006). You could also take a look at the Mintzberg and Waters (1985) model.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!!

  • A quick "Google" of "strategy formulation lilterature" threw up the following link to an article reviewing the literature of strategy formulation (no surprise there), which has an extensive bibliography at the end.

  • Hi Monica, I have a resource where are presented multiple literature models; not sure how I can upload it to send it to you
  • Hi Monika if you don't run with a model framework in your organisation then the following are key ones. balanced scorecard by kaplan and Norton- 1 whole quadrent is people and this is designed to be cascaded through levels for strategic alignment. or Mckinsey's 7S framework. remember an hr strategy can't operate in isolation to the organisational strategy, it's part of it so you'll always want a broader perspective.
  • Take a look at the SOAR model. It’s appreciative inquiry based and although it’s mentioned more as a business strategy development tool, I’ve also used it in people strategy.