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Hi Everyone

I have just passed my level five CIPD diploma which was mainly done on-line (remotely) having attended a handful of seminars in London.

I would now like to study level 7 CIPD (either certificate or diploma) but in a classroom environment with no exams. Does anyone know any institution in the Greater Manchester area where I can do level 7 in a classroom environment with no exams but assignments/projects only? I'm prepared to travel to Leeds if such a course exists there.

Thanking you in anticipation of your assistance.


Ian Kennedy

  • I’ve not done Level 7 yet but I was under the impression that there are 1 or 2 modules that are assessed based on an exam and not just assignments. There are past papers on the CIPD website and I am sure they are core modules.
  • Much like Amo I was sure that the Level7 had compulsory examinations within some of the modules as per the CIPD framework however you could enquire in to whether you could achieve level 7 via an apprenticeship route locally?
    Maybe have a chat with some different providers to understand the options if your particularly hesitant to sit exams etc. Good luck!
  • Hi Ian

    I, too have just finished my level 5 CIPD diploma and did mine 100% online.

    I think I would be interested to start the level 7 certificate later this year after a little break so I have enquired what this entails.

    For the certificate, you choose 4 units from a list of 8 or 10. They can all be done online depending on which units you choose. Two of the 'core units' have a 3hr 10min exam each but if you opt for other units for the certificate, you won't have to do them. Only if you choose the diploma and do the full 8 units.

  • In reply to Lisa:

    Thanks so much for your advice Lisa. It's been very helpful.

    I don't suppose you know which institutions offers the four units from the 8 or 10?

    Once again, many thanks.

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    Thanks for your advice.

    I'll check out the past papers.

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    Thanks so much for your advice Jennifer.

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    Hi Isn
    MOL and I think ICS Learn
  • In reply to Lisa:

    Don't just do the Certificate, you will be at a massive disadvantage when you look for a new job against other candidates, an L7 Diploma is 120 credits whereas a Certificate is 60 credits, when you put that against someone with an MSc is 180, you won't cover L7 at a broad enough depth at Certificate level. I don't think your "Two of the 'core units' have a 3hr 10min exam each but if you opt for other units for the certificate, you won't have to do them", is correct as it will depend on what the provider offers and you can't just pick modules willy nilly. If someone is missing exams at level 7 then it says volumes about their professional competence.

  • In reply to Paul:

    I was given the information direct from one of the providers I spoke to. The certificate you choose 4 modules whereas the Diploma includes the 2 core modules, for which each has 3hr 10min exam. I was told you can choose ANY modules and do not have to do the core modules.

  • In reply to Lisa:

    I amended my reply Lisa, but it still stands, why do you think some University Lecturers who run CIPD Approved courses encourage via social media those doing CIPD qualifications online to go for the lowest option, the answer is your less competition when finding employment against to their students!
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    I just checked on the CIPD website and for the certificate, it clearly states any 4 modules as long they form a coherent programme.
    I am not advising Ian this is what he should do. I am simply answering his question regarding him wanting no exams.

    Perhaps you should reply directly to Paul and not myself.


  • Well done for completing your CIPD Intermediate Diploma.
    The Advanced Diploma has 8 modules - 4 are optional and 4 are core. The core units have 2 examined modules 7HRC - Human Resources in Context and 7LMP - Leading and Managing People.
    It is not necessary to have a core unit in the Advanced Certificate. When you look at the module titles you will see that they have the same titles as your optional units for the Intermediate qualification. So much of your reading for the Intermediate will be put to good use!
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    Thank you Maureen. I knew I was right
  • In reply to Lisa:

    Still doesn't get away from the fact that a certificate is a lesser qualification than a diploma. Also, those who just do the certificate then discover that they are actually at a disadvantage when applying for work against those with a full diploma, and finally, those who do the certificate may get a rude awakening when they find that at some point they cannot upgrade their certificate, the current qualifications are nearly ten years old now and it wouldn't surprise me if they get updated shortly, in such a way so that the option to add modules to a certificate on the current scheme may not be available as an option in the future. This happened to people on the old Professional Development Scheme in 2010 because there was no way they were going to complete assignments and exams before the closure date of those qualifications.
  • Hi Lisa, well done on passing your level 5. I'm just starting out on my level 5. you mentioned you did yours online. did you use ICS and how did you find it?