Training tie in - Level 5


I'm working at Adviser level for a medium size company - I self funded level 3, my work have very kindly offered to fund my level 5. They have advised to do this they would tie me into a two year period that should I leave I would need to pay back the costs. Has anybody had similar?

With thanks


  • Common practice, normally it is based on a sliding scale. also, it is enforceable through small claims court
  • Some of the people on my course had that stipulation when their employer was paying for the course. I self funded, so no issue with moving on.
  • Hi there.

    Yes that is very normal practice. In fact I am currently tied in with my current employer for two years because they funded my level 5 diploma. I am happy with this arrangement as I have no intention of leaving any time soon as I love where I work.