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Hello Everyone,

I am looking at renewing my CIPD Asssiocate Membership but I have struggled getting an HR role which I have tried since leaving university back in 2018. 

I have mostly worked in care and at the moment, my new role is Learning Support with young adults with learning disabilities. I am now thinking should I cancel my CIPD, I never imagined the difficulties establishing a career within HR - even HR assistant jobs ask for a few years experience. 

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    More of a HRIS skill set and working in a team - a little different from working alone. I'm up for a challenge.
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    That is brilliant news :) so pleased for you..
  • Steve Bridger

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    8 Jul, 2020 16:36

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    Nice one, Jules!
  • Hi Rachel,

    I believe you made the right decision. It is difficult to deny that the CIPD qualification is a requirement for a large number of vacancies in the HR sector. But I would like to highlight another reason that makes your choice appropriate. Your university studies had a significant cost, both financially and in terms of commitment. One of the important things about this membership is that thanks to the contents we have access to, it is possible to continuously revalidate the knowledge acquired through our university studies, keeping up with current dynamics as just graduated. Without an accredited source of updated material, the knowledge acquired, that has been earned through the sacrifice you mentioned, is destined to be lost or no longer applicable over time.

    I wish you a sincere good luck for your future.