What next?

Hi everyone, I got my Level 7 CIPD qualification a few years ago. I am now a Global HR Manager for a consultancy firm and I would like to study again. I would love some help/ideas on what to do next. Should I turn this into a Masters, do an MBA, try to get qualifications in a different country (we have offices in the US). What have others done? Or is level 7 simply enough? Thanks, Rebecca
  • Why do you want to study again? For personal growth? For Career growth? etc etc

    Thats the question I would be asking myself and the answer to that might well drive my decision.

    Turning a L7 into a Masters is a relatively painless way to get a Masters but would it push you into new areas ? Expand your horizons greatly?

    An MBA would do that but is that what you want?

    Not sure what getting a qualification in the same type of thing but a different country would add

  • If you want to enhance your professional value, you might get more out of some of the CIPD's specialist courses in things like Employment Law, OD etc.
  • In reply to Robey:

  • As with suggestions from others above, study can be its own reward if you enjoy it, but if looking at career development, branching out somewhat can be both valuable and genuinely useful.

    In developing the HR focus of a (then) newly registered Plc several years ago there was a need for H&S presence also and (by default and not from great personal enthusiasm) "muggins" said he would take the necessary courses; to my surprise finding the subject both fascinating and (as many of my replies on these threads will evidence) closely and very usefully integrated with the wider structures and practice of HR. For example the principles of H&S risk-assessment segue very neatly into the practices of wider employment law or into considerations of "reasonable adjustments" to disability, and other safety/health/welfare principles and practices adapt into all kinds of people-related activity, not at first obviously "H&S" territory.

    Not that I am trying to make you or other HRMs all into Safety Officers as a "second string!" However you don't have to focus only on advancement in academic "HR" as a speciality alone to add value, either for yourself, or for your organisation.

  • Thank you for everyone's replies here, there is a lot more I need to think about, and I definitely need to focus on what output I want from this.