Should I go on to Level 5


I am considering doing CIPD Level 5, having recently completed level 3. However, I do not work in HR (yet) - Will that make completing level 5 very difficult / impossble?


  • Lots of people manage to do it. The key thing to getting a job in HR will be experience, so I would also focus on how you start getting some front line HR experience
  • I've not yet done Lvl5 myself, but a previous colleague said a lot of assignments required on-the-job examples and case studies. So I think it would be much easier to do if you were already in HR while studying L5.
  • I’m currently on level 5 and do not work in an HR role. However I am an operations manager and HR is very much part of my day to day job. There is a need for examples of situations you have been in I.e a time you managed a project, worked in a group. It would be easier if you have some experience dealing with HR issues but I wouldn’t say it was essential.
  • hello i'm currently doing level 5 and you choose your own firm to talk about or they give you a fictional company with HR related issues you can help with, so no it's not essential to be working in HR