HR Masters

Good Evening everyone! I'm starting my HR Masters soon and was wondering if anyone has any general advice to prep (begin November) My experience is 16 years in Hospitality inclusive of my Hospitality degree, and all the parts I enjoyed in my career kept pointing to HR so here I am! I'm currently looking for a job in the sector for while I study, which combined with the qualification and my experience I hope puts me in good stead for my next career path. Any general advice would be extremely appreciated!
  • Hi Matthew.
    Good luck with the Masters. My advice for this and the HR career would be to read as much as possible. I completed a Masters and all the reading helped. I read law updates, general business news etc. I would also recommend you join as many CIPD events as possible. The positive thing now is that they are all being done online, so you will find you can attend a range of Zoom events all over the country from your home. I have learnt a lot from them, and also connected with HR people that I wouldn't be able to connect with, due to their location. I think they will also support your Masters study too.
    Good luck!
  • Hi Matthew, wishing you every success with your studies. Supporting Stephanie's excellent advice I would suggest getting a mentor during this key stage, this could be beneficial in helping you make that transition to a new area of work in an already familiar sector.