Study Skills Books Available (e.g. for Masters)

Hi All,

I've recently completed my Masters in HRM. As part of the course fees, I received some study skills related books which I obviously no longer have a need for. They would perhaps be useful if you're heading back to education or want to refresh your writing, critical thinking skills etc. I'm not sure of their relevance to the Level 7 course, but for Masters they would be relevant. 

I would love to pass them onto someone else for £10 (including postage and all the books). I will send via Royal Mail 2nd Class. 

They are all in essentially new condition (very lightly used, no markings in book). You should be able to find more information on e.g. Amazon. 

  • Palgrave Study Skills: Critical Thinking Skills 3rd edition - Stella Cottrell
  • Palgrave Study Skills: Dissertations and Project Proposals- Stella Cottrell

Then there is also a bundle of small/mini 'pocket study skill guides' - 

  • Referencing and Understanding Plagiarism - Kate Williams & Mary Davis 
  • Doing Research - Gary Thomas 
  • Getting Critical - Kate Williams 
  • Writing for University - Jeanne Godfrey 
  • Reading & Making Notes - Jeanne Godfrey
  • Planning Your Essay - Janet Godwin