Formative Unit 2 Using Information in HR

Hi, does anyone have any examples or advice on how to begin the literature review?


  • Hi Beth
    Sorry you haven't had any answers so far - can you post any more detail so that those of us who aren't familiar with the unit or the task can try to give you some prompts?
    Kind regards
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    Hi Jacqueline, thanks for the reply. It's the 5UIN for Level 5 Diploma in HRM.

    The Unit 2 has a formative and you have to write a short literature review on the topic of choice, which I have chosen Employee Recruitment.

    Then after there is a critical review I have written.

    I just have never wrote a literature review and was unsure how to begin it but I've been looking at some examples online.

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    Hope you are well. I am also studying the level 5 however have not started this module so cannot comment on the content.
    However having also studied for a Law degree a lit review should be a critical evaluation of the existing views of theorists.
    So at a very basic level you are explaining what the different theorists have said. Then you need to go an evaluate the theory. If you can find two contradictory theories that is very useful. For example person x says this however it could be argued that this is no longer relevant because of y. This is supported by the work of theorist z.
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    Hi Beth,

    I have recently completed this module and also found it hard but passed. It sounds like it may be slightly different to ours but we were taught about Bryman and Bell's method of evaluating research and I used this as a basis to review the literature I used, and then drew conclusions based on all of the info. I can't quite remember which part of the assignment it was for, but I found a book called 'Research Methods In HR Management' very useful for this module so that may help you further.

    Hope that helps in some way.
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    Hi Victoria, oh really?

    Ok great, I will definitely take a look at that. Due to time constrictions I have had to skip the formative and go directly to the summative however I'm just a little unsure on the layout of it all. Did you find any good templates or examples when you began your summative?

    I'm doing my report on Recruitment, I've managed to find a few good sources! Hopefully I'll manage to get most done this weekend :)


  • Hi Beth, I can guide you through