CIPD Level 7 Journey

Dear Community,

I am looking to embark on the CIPD level 7 advanced strategic diploma as I have 13 years of practical experience in general areas of the human resources field and located in the middle-east. 

I was doing a lot of research and came across multiple vendors such as: ICSlearn, mollearn, acacialearning, oakwood, dpgplc. I am reading multiple reviews but still unable to get the best feedback needed.

Can anyone recommend the best vendor of the above in order for me to reach out to them accordingly.

Thanks & BR

  • Hi Abdulfattah, I would recommend ICS Learn. I am also currently doing L7 Strategic HRM with them, and having done L5 with them before, I have enjoyed it and found it to be in a good format. Having said that, the mode of learning is not for everyone: basically the entirety of learning relies on you reading every day consistently (there are no more means of learning other than reading in L7).
  • Hi! I had exactly the same challenge recently. I went with Acacia learning in the end because:

    - They publish their lecturers online, with some quite inspiring people in their team. That level of transparency made me feel like they were proud of who they have in their team, and I was more likely to learn from someone, rather than have an 'NVQ assessor type approach' which is what I've had in the past and I don't think would challenge me in the same way for this type of qualification. I wanted to learn, not go through a process.

    - They have blended learning so you have 3 x lectures per module, in small groups. So you aren't just learning, you are debating things and developing critical thinking together. We've even structured our assignment together and the work we do in the groups directly feeds into our assignment. So when I look at my assignment, I can go back to the notes from the groups (saved in a Google Docs group) and pull this work into my assignment. I don't feel alone like I might have done if it was self-directed learning (the blank page syndrome!)

    - I interacted with many of the providers you mention when I was scoping who to go with and Acacia were the most helpful. I didn't feel like a number, it felt personal and motivational. That was really important for me, I didn't want bland learning, I wanted to feel like this is worth my time and equally, I didn't want to feel pushed into it or 'sold to'.
  • Hi Abdulfattah, I have experienced similar to Maria. ICS Learn is good but its down to you reading. So far, for my units, there are only seminars to prepare you for the unit's final assessment. If you do go with ICS make sure you keep in touch with your tutor to work through your understanding. Good luck with the course you choose. Regards Beth
  • I would recommend ICS Learn
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    Thank you Maria for sharing your experience.
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    Hi Ann-Marie, Thank you for sharing your experience. Engagement is a big factor.
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    Hi Elizabeth, thank you for sharing the valuable information. Good luck to you as well
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    Thank you mike for the recommendation