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So it's been a few months since I completed my Level 5 and having had a little break (and forgetting how stressed I was studying and working 50+ hour weeks) I am seriously contemplating enrolling for my Level 7.  I was wondering if anyone could give me some feedback who has completed both courses as to the difference in intensity and what your experience was? 

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  • Hi Becky, I could have written this post myself! I have literally just messaged my CIPD tutor for some info... I did post on here a while ago Re: L7 and got some really informative responses. I found L5 a bit of a challenge but loved it.. I was toying between an employment law masters and L7 and I think L7 will be the next step for me..
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    Morning Lee, Do you know which centre you are going to be using? My thoughts are that its best to start it whilst Level 5 is fresh in my mind because whilst I appreciate the intensity is going to be completely different, there will be some cross over of academic theory's that it going to assist. If you decide to go ahead, we should exchange email, perhaps start a little study support bubble.

  • Me too. I would love to do my Level 7 but sadly not got the £5,400 needed to pay for it and currently not working.

    Hopefully I will secure a role soon and maybe my employer will support this for me.

    I studied with DPG for the Level 5 and would do so again for the Level 7.

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    Hi Lisa, Cost was a big factor for me too. I originally studied with MOL and would have loved to have signed up with them again however ICS offer a much more competitive repayment structure with as little as £100 deposit then interest free over 44 months making the repayments as little as £150 I believe - and I understand you can pay extra at any time and either re-schedule the monthly payments or the term of the "loan". That is the only way I am able to think about this for the moment as I am self funding. Good luck in the job hunt and hopefully you can get support from your employer but if not, have a look at ICS. I have found the staff really helpful so far.
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    Thank you Becky. Really useful info. I just can't justify the monthly cost unfortunately. Fingers crossed I can get a job soon with an employer who supports this.
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    I have looked into the Level 7 myself and having the same thoughts about the cost. I am wondering if the price has gone up since the CIPD introduced the new courses (I am not sure), but my local University did a Masters degree for less of a cost than the CIPD Level 7.
  • Hi Becky,
    How are you getting on with your decision making? I have just submitted my final assessment with Avado for my level 5 and I too am contemplating whether my next step should be level 7. I do wonder whether I should first map my qualification around the new professional map and identify any gaps there and then get on with an application?!
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    Hi Stacey

    I bit the bullet and signed up. Havent fully started yet however CIPD have changed the way in which they run the courses and the first assignment for level 7 is actually a self assessment using the map to evaluate yourself and against 15 criteria of the course in readiness to prepare your portfolio to apply for chartered status following completion. So, if you wanted to do level 7 - you're already going to be doing a self assessment as part of it. Hope that helps. If you do decide to go ahead with it, let me know - perhaps we can be virtual study buddies.
  • I finished my level 5 diploma in L&D and within a year completed my level 7 Certificate in HR. Regarding Level 7, opted for a more strategic approach, choosing only the pertinent modules to plug-in my knowledge gaps and aligned to my work/career aspirations, since I had already completed my MBA in HR.
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    I would love to pick n mix 3 or 4 units but unfortunately the new qualifications do not allow individual units or 4 for the certificate qualification. You now have only the option of the full 8 units Diploma