Employment Law qualification


I'm looking into possibly doing some kind of Employment Law qualification but can't find many online. I'm CIPD Level 7 qualified but the one thing that I think the qualification lacks (or the study centre I took my course at didn't pick for the qualification) was an employment law module.

If anybody could point me in the direction or link me to some courses that would be great.

Many thanks 

  • Hi Marc

    All manner of distance learning from all manner of providers, ranging from short courses to postgrad certificates and diplomas and LLM masters degree.

    This for just one example looks innovative re short CPD courses and as a fairly recent Northumbria Uni Law School alumnus I can unreservedly recommend their quality etc

  • A quick Google threw up 49 courses in the UK.... the search criteria were (using the speech marks):

    "employment law" degree


    Not all of them are pure employment law, but the majority are.

    Interesting subject, but unless you plan to work in a firm of specialist employment lawyers an LLM is(IMHO) overkill - most people in generalist roles acquire a fundamental employment law understanding (not deep knowledge) in their initial studies, and keep abreast of employment law as it develops by reading updates on legal sites or CIPD publications (paper and on-line) and external courses.
  • Hi Marc,

    I'm currently studying LLM Employment Law through DeMonfort University. Feel free to message me on Linked In if you would like some insight - www.linkedin.com/.../
  • In reply to Ray:

    Some CIPD courses do not have a law module or it is just part of ER and in my experience most HR people do not have a good or up to date grip on employment law.

    if it is just filling in the gap in their training them there are certificates in Emp law from the places that still do a LLM.
    If you want to get a good deep understanding and or you want to do a specialist Er role or move into Consultancy then a master (LLM) is the way to go
  • Hi Marc
    have a look at www.cilex.org.uk/.../employment_law
    a few years ago I did the higher diploma in Employment Law with ILEX

  • I have done both a LLM in Employment Law at Kingston and the CLT Paralegal course. I also looked into the CIPD training but I decided to go with the LLM instead for depth of material and quality of teaching. The course was a mix of those who had done law degrees (and so a bit of a younger cohort) and some HR (we were older!). You may find more like minded people with more practical experience on the CIPD courses, however, I love the law and decided I wanted to enjoy learning the nuts and bolts of it as well as practical application, and access to good law professors like Gwyneth Pitt. I also did a Corporate law module on the LLM which was enlightening when dealing with M&As. I did the CLM just as a refresher when I returned from maternity leave and they provided a really good book (so they should have for £1,600) that explained the law perfectly and in lay man's terms but it was distance learning and although it was right for me at that time, I much prefer the face to face aspect of teaching. Good luck in your choice.
  • In reply to Peter Stanway:

    I totally agree with Peter on this. The LLM provides scope for a thorough investigation of many wider aspects of ER issues and Emp Law implications. It's a very well recognised and understood level of professional HR knowledge in the wider business community and provides a very sound basis for personal career development in many directions. I'd recommend investigating the University Law Schools close to home as a first step.
  • Hi Marc,
    CIPD offers this online Employment Course here: shop.cipd.co.uk/.../employment-law-practitioner-complete-approach

    I haven't completed it but I'm planning to do so in the summer. I hope it helps!