Upgrading to FCIPD

Hi I am in the process of upgrading my membership to Fellow and wondered if anyone could mentor me through this process thanks Jackie

  • Hi Jackiewlf. I’m just in the process of finalising my FCIPD. Let me know if you have any particular questions
  • I would also be interested in shared experiences of the process . Thanks Cathy
  • Hi jackiewlf. I completed my experience assessment in December and had my FCIPD awarded in January. Happy to help if I can.
  • thank you all very much. I've just moved house so will start looking at application requirements in next few days and will be in touch
  • Hi Conor I am completing the assignments in word and uploading into the form . I am over on my word count but under the 10% does the system allow you to submit ? Or any advice on this ? Thanks Cathy
  • Hi Cathy
    My recommendation would be to try to keep it inside the required word count if possible. I noticed when I went over the 10 it didn’t allow me to go anymore but I went back and diluted some unnecessary wording and brought it back inside the required word count.
    Hope this helps and if you need any further direction let me know
  • I have had my telephone assessment today. It was well structured and followed the guidance quite well. It is only an hour which is not a long time so having topic areas prepared will help.
    A comment I received was that my cv structure has helped to emphasise the strategic role I have as this is not naturally reflected in my HRM job title.
    Happy to offer further advice. In the meantime I am crossing my fingers for a positive outcome.
    Good luck.
  • In reply to Jacqui:

    Hello Jacqui,
    Fingers crossed for you! I wonder if you could offer any advise on the CV structure please. I know it should be focused on metrics and outcomes - the 'so what'. I just wonder if there is anything specific I should bear in mind?
    Best Kasia
  • Thanks Conor ! I will review the answers again !
  • Thanks Jacqui and best of luck with the Outcome I am sure you will fly it ! Daunting though to make sure all aspects are covered in the submission !
  • How did you get on Jacqui? I’ve just started looking into it myself. Did you do most of the talking in line with the 5 areas in the guidance or do you get asked lots of questions?
  • Hi Jackie. I am also in the middle of upgrading. Whilst i might not be able to mentor you, I can certainly be a buddy! Let me know. Thanks!