Level 5 Unit 1


I am currently completing the assessment for Unit 1 and I am struggling with the presentation and the briefing document. Does anyone have an example or can offer any advice? In particular, does anyone have any examples of a people practice initiative for the question below? 

Identify a people practice initiative that has been put in place in response to some form of internal or external feedback, set out the purpose of this initiative and explain how you would evaluate the impact of this initiative paying particular attention to levels of engagement within the organisation.

Any advice/ suggestions will be much appreciated. 


  • Katrina

    What are you struggling with on this particular question? There are lots of threads from students so I am sure lots of useful advice.

    Examples might be colleagues leaving and saying pay is too low. Or saying work is too Inflexible. For the latter you might introduce a flexible working policy and measure it against take up, your annual survey, colleague turnover etc.
  • In reply to Keith:

    Hi Keith, Thank you for this. I have found that it is asking for particular examples of people practices initiatives that have already been put in place. Thanks for the advice!