CIPD Level 5 - help! 5C003

I have had a bad weekend as I'm trying to do my first assignment with CIPD and I don't have a clue how to style my answers, especially with a strict word count.  I'm used to writing long legislative in depth essays. Has anyone got any words of wisdom!? Thank you. 

  • Hi Emma, I am in the same position. Currently work in HR but am really struggling to understand how to answer 5C003. Ive read everything and even had a call with a tutor at ICS learn. iM really looking for some example presentations for comparison etc. Would love some help too.
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    Hi Emma and Lesley, I am in the same boat.
    Just finished Unit 1 5CO03 and since last night I am trying to get my head around the assignment structure, I don't know what to start with and I am new at these types of studies and criteria. For ex: is the briefing paper for the presentation the same as the agenda in the slide of the presentation?

  • Hello! there are many groups on Facebook for CIPD LEVEL 5 you can join them and you will find all the support u need.
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    Hi Flavia. I started working on the same unit in April hoping that I would be able to finish the assignment by the end of the month. Here I am almost 2 months later, still on the same unit. Have done part of the assignment but got stuck in the middle of the second task. :)
  • Hi Emma, I got some guidelines. Drop your email I share with you..
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    Can you please share them with me too. My email is irinflorea@yahoo.com.thanks!
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    Hi All,
    Yes, I feel the same way. I think we just need to get used to they style of writing and formatting they need and hopefully it will get better as we go along. Ive completed my presentation and briefing paper, now working on my self-assessment. I too naively thought I could push through unit 1 in a month! Still going!

    I find it hard without many examples.
    Flavia - I had a call with my tutor who explained to me that the briefing paper needs to complement your presentation. It will be less detailed than your presenter notes but more detailed than your slides. I've used bullet points in mine (not sure thats correct though) and I was told there will be plenty of duplication between slides, presenter notes and briefing paper.

  • Hi! I am on my last unit for the level 5. I am doing the course via my local provider. I am not familiar with Avado. Which assignment is it that you are doing? Is it 5DVP- Developing yourself as an effective practitioner or an alternative assignment? The Employment law assignment is quite in-depth.
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    I can relate to that, tho you made much more progress than me. I am currently putting some words together for the 1st point of task 1. I am so slow...
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    Good evening Mike, if possible could you send the guidelines to morris81@sky.com too. Thank you.
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    Hi Mike, thank you for this. My email is cheeksqueak@gmail.com thanks
  • Hi Emma, I wouldn't worry to much, once you submit your assignment, you will get comprehensive feedback, key thing to remember, answer all the points and use references to back up your opinions. I have completed my Level 5 L&D Modules and I was in the same boat
  • Kindly, Mr.Mike could you share the guidelines that you've mentioned?
    Thank in advance
    My email / Rayan.abdulqadir@outlook.com
  • Very kind of you Mike, could I have a copy too. Thankyou in advance! My email is angelapembroke@mail.com
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    Hi Mike
    Very kind of you!
    Would you mind to email them to me as well... I'm feeling I am spending a life time on this assignment :(
    my email is pf_braz@hotmail.com

    Thanks in advance.