5RST - Assistance with creating a succession plan / career development plan (Avado)

Good Morning all,

I'm studying CIPD level 5 with Avado, currently doing 5RST. Assessment criteria 2.2 asks to create both a succession and career development plan for a HR Advisor. I'm a little stuck having never done one before.

For the Succession Plan, we have a template to complete and the columns are by ‘Current time in role’ and ‘Experience in Sector’?
What type of things might be appropriate here? As in an expectation of how much experience they should have in that role, then the experience in sector be things like exposure to different HR areas etc? (they say to link it to the CIPD professional map)

Im also at a loss with creating a fictitious career development plan - it requires you create one for a HR advisor, with qualifications / benefit / timeframe and by whom - is this standard for a career development plan?

If anyone has studied with Avado or can give some general advice I'd greatly appreciate it,

Many thanks


  • Hi Charlie,
    Succession planning is the process comprising of a group of activities aimed to ensure that an organisation has sufficient employees with the necessary skills and competencies to fill key roles when they become vacant. The first step of the process is to identify critical positions in the organisation for which potential successors are required. Succession planning usually covers most senior roles in the business by spotting people with the potential to move into posts as either short-term or long-term successors. Long-term successors may be developed via job moves within several areas of the organisation. Focusing on senior posts, therefore, means the process would be manageable as only a small number of employees would be part of the process.
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  • For 5RST I completed the succession plan for the sales department so I had a chart with each role and notes similar to below in each column, fairly brief:

    Role - Sales Director
    Indicator - Expressed desire for retirement in circa 5 years
    Qualifications- BA Business Management
    Experience - 20 years European sales experience
    Length of Service - 14 years
    Successor - Sales Manager RM
    Succession risks and considerations - • Loss of contacts if no handover

    I'm not sure if it helps or not?!