CIPD Level 5

I’m currently trying to decide between the L5 People Management or L&D courses.
I’m leaning towards the L&D one as the content seems more applicable to my new role, but I just wondered if anyone had completed both?  

I noticed three of the core units are the same on each of the courses so wondered if it would possible to undertake the outstanding PM units upon completion of the L&D course? Has anyone else done this?



  • I’ve only taken People Management one and perhaps because at the time I was an HR Advisor/ Generalist and enroute to HRBP.

    I think in your situation, you may wish to evaluate which of it has modules/ area of focus that interests you. There is no harm and even may be more valuable for you to receive exposure outside of L&D if it is already the core of your role. I always think having a HR specialism eg L&D, C&B, you should still gain a holistic view of the full spectrum of HR.

    Hope this helps