MA in HR - how to get CIPD qualified

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping someone who has similar experience could help me. I obtained my Master's Degree in HR at Warwick Business School 8 years ago. My course was CIPD level 7 accredited. However at the time, my plan was to return to my own country after my studying, CIPD didn't seem necessary since it's not recognized there. So like the majority of my classmates who also plan to return to their own country, I didn't take the  CIPD route (which included 3-4 extra modules and costed a bit more). 

After I went back home, I've been working as a HR professional. The interesting thing is life has lead me back to the UK 3 years ago. I first worked for a relatively small business where my duties covered HR and other aspects. I was super busy and overwhelming, so I didn't really look into getting CIPD qualification. Recently I took a new recruitment role in a big organization, and I start to consider a lot about my future career. I'd really like to get CIPD qualified. 

I see many people did CIPD qualification and want a Master's degree top up, but I can't find anyone in my reversed position! I guess it was a mistake not taking CIPD route when I was a student. I just never saw myself coming back and working in the UK at that time! 

What do you think is my best approach? What's the most feasible and cost effective way for me to join CIPD? 

Thank you very much for your time!

  • Hi Xue
    I'd suggest you speak to an educational establishment which runs the CIPD qualification and find out your options - maybe contact Warwick and chat with them.
    I'm curious as to why, when you are already well qualified and experienced that you want to be CIPD qualified? If you are looking at your membership options then have you considered the Experience Assessment route? www.cipd.co.uk/.../experience-assessment.
  • In reply to Bridgwater :

    Hi Karen,
    Thank you for your reply! I'll have a look at the Experience Assessment route, that's very helpful. I've spoken to Warwick and they can't help any more since my course has finished, I only had one chance to sign up at the beginning of my study.
    As to why I want to be CIPD qualified, I think it will let me progress easier since it's required in many job descriptions. Do correct me if I'm wrong, but I fell it's better acknowledged than my degree when working in HR in the UK.
  • Hi Xue

    You may not have to take a CIPD course There are different routes to membership including enrolling on a course or undertaking experience assessment. You can find out more here:


    There are no formal entry requirements for the new courses but without knowing more about the level you are working at or experience I couldn't say if level 5 or 7 is most suitable for you. Best thing to do is give them a call and discuss your options you will find them super helpful

    Good luck
  • Hi, I did an MA in leadership and management a few years ago and having been in HR for several years, got my MCIPD accreditation a few weeks ago through experience assessment route. I would recommend that