Employment Law course


I'm looking for some advice on a possible Employment Law course.

I completed a MA in Human Resource Management some 20 odd years ago and am currently working as a HR Manager in a SME.

I always try to keep up with Employment Law changes and case law (as we all do) but feel I woudl benefit from completing an Employment Law course.

I'm not looking for a one/two day seminar but something more like a degree level Open University type course. 

Does anyone have any recommendations?


Kind regards


  • Hi Richard

    Expensive but maybe best option eg

    Much cheaper but requiring self discipline and a lot of self reliance:

    Buy yourself a good employment law textbook such as Selwyn on Employment Law and work through all or most parts of it. Better still, if you have access to any academic online data services such as Athens, ** then you’ll probably have access to LexisNexis resources therein and similarly work your way through their vastly more extensive digital employment law texts.

    For applied employment law, eg barrister Daniel Barnett produces a lot of good stuff and even tutors and resources an ‘inner circle’ - for a fee of course. But such as this can bring all the textbooks to life and make them far more useful to real life scenarios ( similarly, study of actual case law transcripts can be invaluable too in this regard). You won’t get the LLM or whatever after all this but do it thoroughly and you’ll get pretty expert.and if you already can point to the MA it might not matter too much to you personally about this aspect.

    ** - as usually comes with any UK HE institutions academic library access for all courses not necessarily expensive ones or specifically law ones ( and I believe Open University too) and sometimes via eg NHS employment.

  • IDS books are really useful