• Level 7 certificate/ Diploma

    Hi guys 

    I was wondering, since I have very busy and demanding job, and 4 year old kid, would it be better for me to complete Level 7 Certificate and

    at the later date can I be converted to diploma if I will complete remaining 4 modules? 

    Do you think…

  • employment law level 7 assigment

    Hello all

    What structure are you using for employment law level 7 assigment

    For the first 2 questions, I was thinking I will bullet point each person, and summarise all employment law relevant cases for that person (following point 1 of specification…

  • Switching from HR to L&D

    2 elements to this discussion:

    1. Can you study an L&D apprenticeship standard course whilst already having a level 5 CIPD HRM diploma? The rule used to be that you couldn't study the same or lower level of the other branch if already studied one.…
  • Changing career into HR!

    Hi Everyone,

    I am considering changing career into HR. It's something I have been considering for some years but haven't taken the leap!

    My background is in Client management, internal audit and financial professional services and I currently…

  • Advice on starting a career in HR.

    Hello all, 

    I would like some advice on what is the best way to break into HR please. A little bit of back ground information about myself:

    I am turning 27, and I have no prior experience in HR. My university degree was in Interior design, and my previous…

  • Level 5, Unit 1 - Developing Professional Practice


    I was wondering if anyone has recently completed the above until and are able to help me?

    I'm after a bit of advise and guidance on how my submission should actually look - I'm struggling to get my head round it and any examples of work able to share…

  • Undergraduate degree to a CIPD advanced level 7

    Hi everyone,

    so I finish my undergraduate degree in 2 months doing business and HR, and I have already enrolled in a CIPD level 7 advanced diploma in HRD, as a cost effective alternative to a masters degree.

    However from reading forums, Im getting the…

  • Casino Manager - change of direction


    I have worked in casinos for a little over 10 years and have approximately 5 years experience in management.  I enjoy my job and am eager for the next step, however, I think I might be climbing in slightly the wrong direction.

    I am very passionate…

  • Struggling with dissertation proposal topic

    Hi all,

    I'm struggling with my dissertation proposal topic and wondered whether anyone could give me an angle?

    I work in HR in an arts organisation. My supervisor would ideally like to look at something related to EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion…

  • Head office professional to HR admin/assistant/anything?

    Hi. I've just bought a short course in HR and recruitment management and really enjoyed it. I have always really liked HR and think it would be great to move into HR. I have had experience in interviewing and screening candidates and I feel I have a lot…

  • Mercedes Benz is recruiting for an HR Business Advisor in UK

    At Mercedes-Benz our aim is to deliver the best or nothing. We’re part of one of the world’s most recognised brands and our HR Business Advisors strengthen our business by supporting and developing our colleagues to achieve their goals and deliver great…

  • Level 5 HR management diploma- help on assignment

    Hi guys,


    I'm doing an assignment on HRD. I need some help on some contemporary debates within HRD eg learning verus training etc.

    Any help with some contemporary debates in HRD?


    If you can provide references that would be great so I can research further…

  • Current Job Title

    Hi all. I have CIPD Certificate in Learning and Development and have been working in a team of two with an HR Manager.  My Manager has now left and it is now just me.  I do have a good overview of some HR Management areas through my L&D training, and on…

  • Survey data needed



    I'm looking for some help in finding some relatively simple HR data that I can analysa and present findings on. This is an assignment for my CIPD L&D certificate and trying to find it on the internet is proving far from straightforward - has anyone…