• First time studying since school & I'm completely lost

    I am studying the level 5 diploma & attended my first workshop 5RST at the end of May; since then Ive been swallowed in the busy world of work, children & life. My first assignment is due to be submitted on 5th July & I havent even started.…

  • Finally completed my CIPD Diploma


    I just wanted to share that I passed my last assessment and finally completed my Diploma in Human Resource Practice with ICS Learn. Of course, I will have to wait a little while for the external verifier to verify my work as well as get certified…

  • What now following Diploma in HRM??


    I have recently been asked if I would like to progress with a CIPD qualification, 2 years after I completed my Level 5 HRM Diploma.

    I would like to but really don't know what route to take. I've done the Level 5....which was hard but I got it done…

  • Diploma in Learning and Development


    I am just starting the Diploma Learning and Development course on 6th July anyone else on here studying the same?  If so have you got the login for Mondays Live session, or do we have to wait for Monday for it I have phoned up but they are not sure? 

  • Level 7 Core modules



    I'm currently in the process of signing up for the Level 7 Advanced Diploma in HRM through the CIPD Flexible Learning+ scheme.

    I have conflicting information on how long these core modules take to complete, can anybody shed some light on this conflicting…