• HR courses - looking for recommendations

    Hi Everyone,

    I completed CIPD level 5 two years ago, and I feel it's time to gain more qualifications in HR.

    I understand that there is a CIPD level 7 course after level 5 but wondering if there are other courses (short or term) worth considering…

  • Selling CIPD Level 7 books £10 each


    I'm selling these CIPD Level 7 books for £10 each plus postage or 2 for £15 plus postage. Open to discussing the price if you wanted to buy more than 2 or them all. Please message me if you are interested.

    • Human Resource Management…
  • Should I study level5 without HR experience?


    I have worked in Recruitment for over 10 years and I am thinking about trying to transition into HR.

    I have quite broad recruitment experience that has touched upon; full-cycle, benefits, rewards, performance, management etc - but I have never worked…

  • Switching from HR to L&D

    2 elements to this discussion:

    1. Can you study an L&D apprenticeship standard course whilst already having a level 5 CIPD HRM diploma? The rule used to be that you couldn't study the same or lower level of the other branch if already studied one.…
  • First time studying since school & I'm completely lost

    I am studying the level 5 diploma & attended my first workshop 5RST at the end of May; since then Ive been swallowed in the busy world of work, children & life. My first assignment is due to be submitted on 5th July & I havent even started.…

  • HR Masters - What's it like?

    Hi everyone, 

    So as it turns out, I'm actually pretty lucky. I work at a University and one of the benefits is you get to study for free. I decided I wanted to do HR Masters, now that I have the opportunity but just wanted some insight as to what it's…

  • How to secure your first job in HR with no HR experience

    Hey Everyone!

    I am currently studying MSc Human Resource Management (CIPD accredited). I also have student CIPD membership. 

    Majority of my employment history consists of retail (sales adviser level) or teaching assistant, hospitality. I have office environment…

  • Level 3 diploma - further reading suggestions

    Hi all,

    I am around half way through my distance learning level 3 diploma and wondered if anyone had suggestions for further reading, something I could be reading outside of the specific study materials.

    I currently work in an HR assistant role (only…

  • advice on qualification


    Has anyone completed a certificate in training adminstration and how do you think it compares to the combined awards of

    undertaking a learning needs analyse and preparing and designing l&d activities just wanted to get some views on adding a aditional…

  • Qualification confusion

    So confused about qualification routes, would be glad of some opinions and tips when selecting the best course.

    Some background....I started my career in admin and >10 years ago took a job as a PA for a very small company. This was a very diverse role…

  • PgDip vs MSc

    Hi all,

    I'm currently on an MSc HRM course with an option to miss out the dissertation and leave with a PgDip. I'm curious as to whether the difference between PgDip and MSc matters to a career or if it's experience and performance in the job that counts…

  • culture of organisation


    Can any one explain how the culture of a organisation can affect its operation

    kind regards