Job searching with CIPD qualification

I have been job searching as I have just started studying for my level 3 Diploma in Human Resource Practice. I have been in retail for 12 years which 5 years of those spent as a Team Manager who is responsible for 20 staff members. Even though my role is not linked to HR I do some of their functions such as development, performance management, absence management, yearly appraisals also recruitment and training. looking at the entry level jobs in HR I do not match up and in the eyes of the organisation I have no experience so therefore will be overlooked. it has left me thinking is studying for this diploma even worth doing. I want to gain experience and knowledge in human resource for my own personal development but other than that it seems almost impossible that I would ever get hired in that profession.

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    If you use the search you will find lots of threads on people transitioning into HR and many of those from retail with similar experience to you

    Heres one but there are lots more


    My main suggestion would be to look for opportunities in your own organisation - in formal HR roles or projects. Its the "easiest" way in

    Is the qualification useful? Well it isnt a magic bullet and there are currently far more people wanting HR roles than those available, It is unlikely to do any harm at L3 but it is only part of a bigger strategy

    Good luck
  • Hi Liam,

    I have a very similar background to you - the qualification is definitely worthwhile doing. It really helped me in my role as a team manager when I was on the look out for a new role.

    My advice is to look for smaller, independent companies. I was applying for advisor roles with larger companies and instantly rejected because I didn't have the on paper experience. A small family run company has taken me on as their HR Manager because the took the time to interview and hear all about the scenarios that us team managers deal with daily!

    Best of luck with your job search! You'll get there!
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    Hi katie

    Thank you for the response. Do you have any suggestions on how I would find a smaller family run business? I do job searches through LinkedIn and other job sites but it always brings up large companies.

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    Hi Liam,

    Are you signed up to your local branch for the meetings and events through CIPD? I would definitely say get networking, it was through someone I had met through my branch that let me know about the job and they interviewed me before advertising the role out.

    There is also a HR ninjas page on Facebook that post jobs (not sure where your located) but bare in mind it does cost money to post jobs on Linked In so you maybe only will get larger companies on there.
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    Ok thank you for advice, appreciate it