Is anyone looking for work experience?


I know how difficult it is for people to study HR and then get the work experience they require to get the role that they are looking for. I am able to offer some unpaid work experience to work alongside me at a business in Stoke-on-Trent. I will provide meaningful tasks and expose you to the busy, hands on manufacturing world. 

Happy to discuss hours etc? I was thinking one day per week. 

If you are reading this and know of a better forum to advertise work experience, please let me know. 



  • Hi Chloe- have you thought about contacting a local university? They usually have a careers service you can contact. Thanks
  • I will be really interested. Currently I am pursuing CIPD level 5. I am putting up in Chesterfield. Is there a way to work from home?I can contribute as much hours required.
  • Hi Chloe, I am currently working on my level 5 and would be very interested.
  • I am looking for work experience just finish MSc in HRM.
  • Hi chole

    I m living in London. Any chance for me?

  • Sorry for the delay, I assumed that I would have received an email to say people had replied to my thread so I didn't check it.
  • Please could you email me on chloed@barkersengineering.com if you are interested?
    Thanks, Chloe
  • In reply to Chloe:

    Hi Chloe, I would advise against you doing this. The guidelines about work experience are very clear, in fact, work experience describes what school children do in year 9. I think you are going to have an impossible time justifying this to HMRC. Just in case you are not aware. Nobody can do any form of unpaid work or volunteering for a private company, they can, however, work unpaid/volunteer for a charity or a statutory body. The only exception to this is if (and it's a big if!) the person is a current student at university and that placement is part of their course and arranged by their university. The law as regards the National Living Wage/National Minimum Wage is very clear in this regards, if HMRC does find out that this happening, your company will not only get a fine but will be required to pay the individual backdated to when they started plus all the employer's Tax and NI obligations.