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Hi All, I'm head of HR for a hospitality group and would like to mentor. I'd also like to be mentored, but the main reason for my post is to mentor others If anyone is interested please drop a comment. I'm based in bucks, but London is easy, work in Newcastle frequently and am in Scotland often. alternatively, web/phone could be suitable also. Chris
  • Hello Chris, I am a new member and I am pursuing my MCIPD which is set to begin on 1st March. I am looking for mentors who could guide me through the process to complete my certification. Please let me know a suitable method to contact you and I would be delighted if you could mentor me.
  • Chris I run the CIPD mentoring scheme for Beds & Bucks and have a group of 25 mentors with 37 people matched & a few waiting. we'd welcome you as a mentor and be able to match you annually. email Bedford@cipdbranch.co.uk and they'll put you in touch with me. Thanks Annabel
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    17 Feb, 2020 12:06

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    Thank you,
  • Hello Christopher. Were you looking to do mentoring for the CIPD mentoring programme only? I have been working in the Hotel industry in operational roles the whole of my life and after completing my CIPD L5 in HRM, I am now pursuing a role in HR. However, it has proven to be a difficult task to get noticed! I would love to be mentored by someone to help me reach my goal...I am in Beds but as you, I am easy to travel to London or other areas. Thanks! Paola
  • Hi Chris, I am level 7 HRM,( recently completed) currently working in SME( private healthcare) looking for a new prospects for career progression. It seems quite challenging....
    Looking for a mentor. Already requested to CIPD Bedford branch, but they are fully booked and runs a waiting list.
    I live in Herts and works in London. Would be happy to have a chat with you. Thanks Umbreen
  • Hi christopher,
    i am new to HR and looking for a mentor who can guide me.

    Thank you