Switching to HR - Please I need your advice!

Hello Everyone I am a media professional with (almost 10years experience) and switching to HR - Am currently doing the CIPD Level 5 - Diploma in HR management I am Interested in HR Internship opportunities so I can see the application of the knowledge I am acquiring and to also help me gain some real experience & apply what I am learning in a live environment. My question is: How do I successfully make this switch? Is internship a step in the right direction? Can I possibly get an actual job without any HR experience? Would really appreciate your feedback. Thank you.
  • Hi,
    I had 10 years working in back office customer service and then went into HR after redundancy.

    I did the CIPD Level 3 and 5 and then got a job as HR Administrator. I did Admin roles in HR to begin with. There aren't too many interships in me local area, so I went down the route of HR Admin whilst attending every CIPD event in the local area that I could. I then moved into an HR Advisor job after getting experience in HR offices.

    You could apply for interships as well as HR Admin/Assistant roles and see which ones comes up first?

    Good luck!