Moving into Consulting

I have heard from many people across social media that being in an HR role at the moment is challenging . Do you know many colleagues or friends that are thinking about leaving the corporate world and are going to set up as a consultant?

  • Hi, I completed my CIPD Accredited BSc Human Resources Management degree from university earlier this year and looking to be Consultant within a strategy consultant firm. Is there any advice you could provide with this?
  • I think it is even more challenging as a Consultant without the blanket of a large employer.
    Being a Consultant is not an easier option.
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    Usually consultants have a lot of experience to be able to relate to what their client is going through. You may struggle if you don't have this.
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    Good Afternoon, I am not picking that role because it is "easier" in the first place. I was asking specifically for advice apart from graduate schemes or internships about becoming a consultant within a strategy consultant firm.
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    Hi Annabel, I was asking for advice or information in relation to routes where it is not a graduate scheme or internship or consultancy networks/organisations.
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    Yes, and I was offering advice that you may struggle to obtain such a role unless you have a great deal of experience (and apologies if you do). I have been a consultant and what clients want is a confident person who has been there and done it.
    A degree will not cut it.