PT HR job but doing some freelance work?

Hi all

I currently have a part time HR job with a company.  However, I have now also been asked to help out at a few friends company's with general HR admin i.e drafting up contracts, job offers etc. I would do this on my days off.

I have been asked to invoice them my fee.  This would obviously require me to do a tax return at end of the financial year.

Can anyone see any issues this may cause me, can I do this?


Emma Barr

  • Hi Emma

    You are in effect becoming self employed albeit part time

    To make it fully above board you'll need professional indemnity / negligence insurance to protect yourself, especially if you're a sole trader and to get the blessing of HMRC that you're self employed and that  clients can  therefore invoice you as opposed to PAYE. You'll also of course be able to offset legitimate business expenses against any tax liability.

    Check your present employment terms - there may be a 'sole occupation' clause and even if there isn't one, it's usually better as regards mutual trust and confidence / possible conflicts of interest that you tell them.

    It depends entirely on the scale and your friends, but it might be better just to do this very informally, eg at the  rate of something like an ex gratia case of wine or a slap up dinner per hour and with no legal liability ever attached.

  • In reply to David:

    CIPD I believe signpost members towards preferential indemnity insurance rates
  • In reply to David:

    Thanks, that is exactly what I thought. Also yes I don't think my employers would be happy.
  • In reply to Emma:

    Okay, Emma, - your employers might not be happy but unless it impinges on or otherwise affects your employment with them, if there's no express contractual sole occupation clause there isn't much they can do about it - what you choose to do outside work is not their affair
  • In reply to Emma:

    The risk is that you end up using your current employers resources even accidentally. ie you use their contract or clauses from within it as the basis for the ones you are drafting for your friends. Or training or a multitude of other resources. Such usage could almost certainly lead to dismissal if they so wished.
  • In reply to Keith:

    Just to echo the above points. Unless you are going to be paid a staggering amount of money or want to start searching for more clients then this is probably not worth the trouble. I would go for the fancy meal out option
  • Hi Emma, do you mind if I ask did you end up using any sort of waiver at all and if so could you friendship and PM me for discussion? I'm in a similar boat to you and wanted to chat about your experience.