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Dear Community Members,

I would like to seek an advice from all community members regarding HR opportunities at Leeds,UK.

I have moved from Norway to Leeds three months back. I am HR professional with 9 years of hands on experience as HR Business Partner & Recruitment Specialist. I have experience in various field of HR with IT, Biotechnology and Hospitality industries. Also, I have done my Masters in Human Resources (MBA-HR).
I have been on Maternity and Child Care break Since Aug'13. Now looking forward to come back to work. Before going on break I worked on a Full Time (Permanent) role in Human Resources with US Multinational. Prior to this I have worked with a large Conglomerate.

I have been on job hunt since then thru various channels, but unfortunately there has been no luck in getting any kind of response  for perm, contract, temp or part time roles.

Well, in last three months i have met few agencies who work for different set of clientele for HR roles. But all of them have same kind of opinion which is big barrier of me to get into HR here in UK:

1) NO HR experience in UK. 
2) Look for only entry roles to start.

Well, taking there opinion, i have started applying for HR entry level roles, but unfortunately my profile gets rejected everywhere stating that i am over qualified for the role.

I am really getting  worried the way things are moving. Please advise what should i do?? How to get to right role/opportunity? 

Thanks in advance. Will appreciate your advice.

  • Hi,
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    18 Oct, 2016 12:23

    I wonder why no UK experience is an issue. Is it not knowing UK law? There maybe a couple of things to get over that. One would be to emphasise the skills or competencies that you have already and where you're core HR expertise has added value previously. For example Org Design consultancy is pretty transferable across countries. Another could be take a entry role in the problem area if you can. For example, I know folk who have gone to Capita in Sheffield or Advisor+ in Shipley. I think they advertise a lot and have turnover vacancies frequently.