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I have a friend who has no HR experience but is looking to get in to HR work.  She has applied for jobs but hasn't had any luck.  She would be happy to start at the bottom but how is it best to do this?  She's found that most companies offering apprenticeships are focussing on younger age groups (she is 35-40).  Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    This comes up quite frequently so a search will be worthwhile.

    It will be very tough. Main avenue will be via a admin job and moving cross up. Apply for lots of jobs, Volunteer. Try and get some experience in her current employer. be prepared to take almost anything linked to HR/Training/recruitment. Look at working fro a recruitment agency (many hate it but its a step on the way)

    Keep plugging way
  • Hi Jo,

    I would agree with Keith, but one other thing which your friend might also find useful is to make sure any relative experience/qualities/skills or language is detailed on her CV - one or two "key words" may just get picked up and help tip the balance - even if it includes phrases like "studying towards CIPD" (assumming she is) or "aspirations to become a HR professional". The CV is a powerful and influential document, make sure it delivers key messages and a strong personal brand in relation to her qualities and what she has to offer her next potential employer.

    Good luck.
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    Thank you Keith. I hadn't thought of working at a recruitment agency so I'll suggest that.
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    Hi Ginnie - thank you yes, I've asked to see her CV in case there are some tweaks that can be made to the language used :)