Old dog, new tricks

As a 50 year old male, I am looking for some new challenges and considering a big career change.

My current career isn't hitting the buttons anymore and I keep coming back to the idea of working in HR when considering my next steps. 

I appreciate It's a big leap, which will require re-training etc, but I'd like to honestly understand if there is a space in this area for a person of my demographic.

Any frank and honest thoughts?


  • As one member of the 50 club to another, welcome and well done on considering a career change - I have to admit that I'm in the 'planning to retire in the next 6 or 7 years' mindset.

    I think a lot would depend on what you have been doing in your career so far and what transferable skills you have? Also, it may be helpful to know what buttons you hope this career change would hit that your current role isn't?
  • Hi Jason

    Welcome to the forums

    It can be done but it wont be easy

    Have a look at this thread for a wide ranging discussion on the topic

  • In reply to Teresa:

    Hi Teresa, thanks for the response.

    I have worked in IT for a number of years. Over the passed 10-15 years I have been involved in government sector work, therefore have spent time dealing with change, transition, governance, policies/processes, best practice and matrix management.

    I am finding that the pace of this lately if less focused on resources/people and more on output and it's not very fulfilling. I'd like to get more involved in people/development end out such output, but still utilise some of my previous skills.

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    Hi Jason, it may be worth considering learning and development, where you could use your best practice knowledge and technical background?
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    Thank you - I agree with Helen - i think that IT training may be a better fit, or even trainer/assessor for IT related apprenticeships? It would be very rewarding to be able to pass your skills and knowledge onto young people and see them develop.

    It should be fairly easy to make the transition to that and still retain a decent salary level. I think that a move to more generalist HR would involve starting from scratch.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
  • It's always good to have a mix of backgrounds and experience in an HR team. Business acumen, change management and digital skills are all useful.

    I'd suggest you take a good look at the Profession Map and see how your current skills and behaviours stack up. Then have a close look at all the specialist knowledge areas to see which is most in tune with the skills you can bring from your previous career and want to develop in the future.

  • Jason
    I was told point blank that I'd be too old to get a job in HR. Red rag to a bull and after a struggle I did!! But I was in my 40's !!

    But you sound as though your not entirely sure - is there something more interesting, tugging at the heart strings? Thats the place to go!
  • Hi, I would be very interested in discussing, I am 61 and taking same route.....
  • In reply to Helen:

    Hi Helen, I am in a similar situation but '61' however after a long career as a technical sales and marketing director I am now looking at HRM or L&D. My objective would be consultancy but a few people have suggested L&D at my age rather than trying to retrain in HRM. Any feedback from your experience would be appreciated.