Changing from HRBP job title, professional suggestion and opionion

Good morning all,

We are currently in transition with out organisation about moving away from the role of HRBP. We would really like to ask thoughts, best practice and professional thoughts on alternative titles being used and or reasons why moving away from this title may be seen as demotion or confusing on CV. Welcome all feedback and or job descriptions for alternative roles for consideration.  Thank you 

  • Hi Jayne, is your organization moving away from the role, or planning to move only from the title? What is most reflective of your business culture and your service delivery?

    In our organization we don't operate a business partner model, but we have Leads in designated areas - i.e. Projects, Org. Design, Recruitment etc.
  • In reply to Claire:

    Thank l you clare for the reply. We believe they are looking to move away from the hrbp model, possible role to people an resourcing manager. Which we feel is more aligned to recruitment?