Returning to HR and L&D after being a Long-term carer

I am an Assoc CIPD and want to get back into HR and L&D jobs after being a long-term carer, but I have too many gaps in my employment history.

My CV has lots of courses on it to show that I have been gaining a wide range of transferrable skills. 

I do not apply for jobs that I could to do because my work history does not fit what recruiters expect.

I need advice on how to overcome this. Most returners tend to be those looking after young children. I have been looking after my mother who died in Sept 2019.

Please advise.

  • Could be worth signing on with a good agency who takes the time to get to know you and your strengths, so they can present you properly to recruiters? I quite often receive applications from candidates who have had a break in their career history for family carer reasons (it's by no means always childcare, it's often parents or partners who've been unwell). It doesn't put me off interviewing them, as long as their skills and experience before the career break are good.

    If you are available to work now, it could be worth trying to get some temping/voluntary experience implementing the learning from the courses you have completed, so you can also demonstrate you can put the skills into practice. Good luck.