Advice on starting a career in L&D

Hi all,

I am seeking advice on how I could gain employment as an L&D Manager.

In short, my quals and experience are as follows;

Time served Engineer

10 years experience as a Design Engineer

4 years working as Engineering Curriculum Manager at a grade 1 College.

2:1 Mechanical Engineering


I have recently left my position as Curriculum Manager and have returned to industry as College life was not conducive to family life ( I have four children under 10years of age). I am really interested in pursuing a career as a L&D Manager as I feel my previous role in education has given me many transferable skills. However, I have applied for a handful of L&D positions but have not made it through to interview stage, which is disappointing and frustrating.

I have experience of teaching, planning and delivering training courses, managing people, working with external stakeholders, quality assurance, liaising with employers to meet their employment training needs, creating and facilitating staff development training courses, etc.

Unfortunately I do not have the support of my employer in terms of doing any qualifications that do not fit with my current role, so anything I do will have to be alongside my current job. I have looked at CIPD Level 5 online courses but I'm not sure if this qualification alone would be enough to get my a job?

If anyone could pass on some advice then that would be great.

King regards,