Looking for a new role after many years as standalone...

Good morning all.

I am just looking for some advise, I hope this is ok.  I am likely to be made redundant come July as our contract has been won by another (larger)  company and I work in a stand alone position and I work some 30 or 40 miles from the office at home.

I do not have much confidence as I am in a stand alone position and have been for the past 19years.  To me this means that although I believe I do the right things and give the right advise, it has never been tested - (we were taken to a tribunal once but did not get as far as the hearing).

In my role, I write and update company policies with regards to employment law and safeguarding issues (and anything else that is requested of me), and generally keep the handbook and staffing procedures up to date.  I advise on and oversee employee concerns, anything that could potentially cause issues.  I work very closely as an advisor to my Director and the office manager.  I like to think that I ensure all our employees are looked after and well cared for while ensuring that the business is protected too, if that makes sense.  I also do anything else that I am asked, using the internet to inform and educate me as I go along!  The only thing that I haven't done for many years is recruitment other than writing and checking induction policies.

My question is, in my new job search, what level do you think I should be looking to go into a company at?  I have a CIPD level 3, gained some many years ago and as I have said, my director relies on my advise and guidance but I do not have much confidence.

My other downfall is that being in this stand alone role for so long is that I do not use any HR software, we use spreadsheets etc.  And I sometimes feel out of touch with HR language.

I do not want to oversell myself but at the same time I do not want to undersell myself.  Also, could anyone give me advise regarding my CV as I have not written one for over 20 years.

Many thanks and I hope this is ok to post here.


  • Hi Jenine, really sorry to hear about the pending job changes however really pleased you have reached out to the community for support. To me that shows how brave you are!! I can't offer any specific advise but here's a couple of things to consider:

    - there is a career section on this website which I cannot locate at the moment, this has lots of good advice and resources which will support your journey.
    @Steve - can you please provide the link for Jenine?

    - if you can spend a little time searching through for historic threads on job changes, etc. as this does crop up on this forum and there may be some useful signposting

    - are you in touch with your local CIPD branch? there may be some support available.

    - the list of tasks you include with your post provides a good starting point for the information to put in your CV so focus on that and also, where possible, try to include measurable achievements as this will also help, e.g. rolled out a new appraisal system and trained 60 employees within deadlines over a 2 month period. Get the idea?

    Hope this gets you off the starting blocks and please keep us up to speed with your progress.

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    20 Apr, 2020 10:13

    Hi - sorry to hear this, but endorse Clare's comments.

    You've posted in an appropriate forum... and I hope you receive some feedback from colleagues here - especially as you have been a valued Community member yourself for a while.
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    Thanks Steve, if someone was able to add the link to the Career pages that would be helpful, I can't seem to locate it today.
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    Thank you Claire, I really appreciate the support

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    Thank you Steve
  • The fact it has never been tested I think is a huge indication that you have been doing it right, and on your own. If you had been going wrong, it would have come back to you one way or another.
    The careers section links from the home page, but as a start https://www.cipd.co.uk/careers
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    Ah, thanks Elsa. :-)
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    You're welcome Jenine, just one other thought: you may benefit from having a life coach to help with the planning and emotional side of your journey. Although life coaches generally tend to cost the earth there are always aspiring coaches going through their training and needing clients for practice, so if you're willing to exchange some free hours for some coaching I could put you in touch with someone. No need to take it up now, if and when you're ready pls let me know if it would be helpful.
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    Thank you Clare, I will bear that in mind a bit nearer the time
  • Some great tips below Jenine. Firstly, it's daunting to move a job at any time least of all if you have been made redundant and have not been on the market for a while and the market looks uncertain. Good luck and, if you can afford to, take your time.

    I'd echo Clare Marie and think a coach who focuses on career transition and who can also give CV help (or someone else who can do that) will help. They can help you uncover and sell your skills, consider what the next job could be and must have and can help prepare you for interviews.

    I'd recommend looking at the CIPD career skills map (wrong name I know). I'd also look at CV sites for tips on formatting, content and to get ideas. Ask any agencies you approach for feedback too - they will all have an opinion so see if there are common threads. Get your Linked In profile into good shape so folks can find you and invest in your network, people who have worked with you can be great champions. Read articles to build your confidence that you really do know your onions and understand the latest terms, which very often have their roots in the past with an updated new twist.

    I've got lots of versions of CVs for my work so don't feel you need just one. Start with a long version of everything you have to offer and then tailor, shorten and finesse from there. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if I can help either directly or via my network.

    All the best.
  • Jenine, lots of good advice here, and i echo getting in touch with your local Branch. They often have groups for those job hunting, or between jobs who would just like to network and share experience. This will help build confidence, share ideas on the types of jobs, and maybe help you get familiar with tools or terminology you feel you need.
    Also on linkedIn there are lots of career and CV coaches offering pro bono help at the moment. Take them up on the offer.
    Wishing you every success.
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    Picking up on Sharon's post re: CV versions. This is a really important point since the CV really should be tailored to match the vacancy being applied for. Takes more time but does pay dividends.