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Hi HR family, I hope all of you are well. I am taking my first steps in the HR industry. I have struggled for many years to find my passion and it was so close that I didn't even notice it. I am currently doing a mentorship and training programme for 3 months and starting my Level 3 CIPD in June. I have the opportunity to study a master in international business with a chance to do my desertation in HRM. I wanted to have a little guidance from you. Is it worth it to do the masters? What are employers requiring for an entry role in HR ex: HR administrator or what role should I focus on starting my HR career? If you have any advices, tips or paths to go that would be much appreciated. I am keen in finishing the mentorship, level 3, 5 and 7 as soon as I can, as well the masters. I just need a clear path or options to think about. Anything will be helpful. Thank you. I am very excited to be part of this community.
  • Welcome to the profession

    At this stage I would highly recommend you gain as much practical experience in HR as you can and supplement that with an entry level qualification. Your main challenge will not be the opportunity to do formal qualifications (there are always available) but gaining real practical work experience in real jobs.

    Getting over qualified too soon is likely to be a positive career stopper rather than an enhancer (if you use the search facilities you will find lots of questions on this)
  • Thank you Keith. It is a very helpful insight. At the moment the mentirship that I am doing is seen as job experience for 3 months which whill presumely give me a headstart, right? Combined with the level 3 do you think it is a good path to go about?
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    My own personal opinion is that the Masters helped me to get the job I wanted. I had a few years experience at the point, but the Masters did definitely help me. Everyone will have different experiences, but I am glad I did the Masters.
    Additionally, I really enjoyed the independent research and project work that I did as part of it.
    In my role now, I still find that I get my Masters books out!

    Good luck with it - it sound as if you have really found the area where you want to focus on
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    This thread may well be worth reading

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    My two cents..

    My career was almost a non-starter due to my MBA. Although I had some practical experience it did not hold water. There were loads of questions regarding why I wished to diversify into HR specifically and I was overqualified for the posts I was applying for.  

    I was warned this might be the case.

    I created a trello board and worked on finding a job from 8am-6pm every day. I was extremely organised and networked like crazy. Fortunately, my network, degree and experience finally got me an interview, which took me 4 days of rigorous studying and preparation.  However these were not the reasons why I was hired, it boiled down to potential that I had (their words). It took me 5 months of solid work and many many job applications. I also had a professional help proofread and make recommendations to my CV, worth every pound.

    The practical experience is an absolute must, coupled with masters will be a great addition for your career. Its when you have the masters and no experience that can be a hindrance.