Advice welcome regarding starting my HR/L&D journey

I am currently facing redundancy after a Fourteen year career in retail. 

Ten years of this has been in management, which I have absolutely LOVED, however the decline of the high street has meant a lack of progression and it has made me realise I am not getting enough of what I enjoy!

Managing a multi-brand large turnover store, I thrive on the people elements of my role - Training, Development, coaching, Recruitment and retention, succession ...  the list goes on, but now that I am actively looking for my next step I am realising how much of a pigeon hole I feel I am in.

I have started studying Level 5 in HRM, but really want to get into a HR role so I can put knowledge to good use and pin point exactly where I want to take my HR career to, but after my 6th rejection in a week I feel this is going to be a very slow change and I am just not prepared to let 2020 get any more miserable!! 

I suppose what I am asking is, if you have any good advice of where to get started, or if you can point me in the direction of any contacts that can help (I am based in Worcester) please reply to this post! 


  • Hi Loren

    Welcome to the communities and the profession.

    Yours is perhaps one of the most frequent questions asked which means there is hopefully a wealth of great advice available already using the search. Try these for starters...


    Its going to be tough and a long process. Being a manager (even in retail) isn't automatically transferable to HR so you will need to carefully craft your CV and not assume that others see the same links you do.

    Good luck
  • In reply to Keith:

    Hi Keith, and thanks for the warm welcome.
    I can battle the long and tough process, just as long as i’m moving in the right direction.
    Thanks for the pointers, I shall get reading now