looking to change my career to HR

Hi everyone. I am new to the site . my story long short:worked in hospitality, lost job due to Covid19. in 2018 I completed a Level 3 Cipd in HR practice. Several months ago I started looking for a starting job in HR. I have professionally re-write my CV highlighting my transferable skills. With no experience I have not find anything. Of course I am aware of the circumstances. I have decided to dedicate my time to study as much as possible HR related topics. There is a lot of information put there and I am getting a bit anxious so I decided to ask for opinions where to start, which books you recommend? Thank you in advance and I am sorry for the long message.
  • Hi Roxana

    Rather than recommend any books, I suggest you use the search function to see what advice there is in these discussion forums for people who want to start a new career in HR. It is one of the questions that comes up most frequently and you will find a lot of helpful advice. As you have already found, HR can be difficult to break into.
  • Thank you Elizabeth for your advice. I will indeed look into it.
  • Hi Roxana, you can try volunteer work in HR. Try websites like reachvolunteering.org.uk
  • Hi Roxana,
    Sign up for the Mentoring scheme. You will have the opp to choose a Mentor who could help you through with CVs and applications for HR jobs. The scheme is free and is offered by CIPD.
  • Hi,
    As well as all the great advice you've had so far, I would recommend the CIPD events. Now that they are all on Zoom, we can do many more than usual at all of the different branches.