practical presentation on Building and maintaining effective working relationships


I am required to make a presentation on the following: "as a Staff Manager, how do you plan on building and maintaining effective working relationships with your key stakeholders how to create and develop relationships". I would appreciate some guidance on how to structure my presentation and some ideas on how to combine theory with practice. This is for an interview I have next week.

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  • Well as you will need to do the job if you get it (and good luck with getting it) what ideas do you have that we can help polish and develop. A starter for ten from you rather than the other way around maybe. then I am sure many of us will chip in with some helpful suggestions
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    Thank you. for responding.
    I would need to cover this topic in 5 minutes so I am thinking I need no more than 5 slides. And I assume the purpose of presentation is to assess not only my theory knowledge but my experience too which I am not sure how to get that across. So my thinking what to put on slides:
    1. who are my stakeholders - have already identified them
    2.stakeholder map by interest and power - influence, power and interest
    3.why connect - to achieve department and company objectives
    4.how to maintain - trust, communication, feedback, meetings, follow up, be positive, emotional intelligence, confidentiality

    Do I give examples from my experience to illustrate everything I present on slides ? e.g how did I achieve objectives - interacting with stakeholders etc
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    5 minutes isn't long, and I would guess (but don't know) that they are as interested in how you communicate / engage with the presentation as anything you say. If they really want to dig down, they can't in 5 minutes and they have a competency interview for that.

    Your approach sounds quite theoretical (and it might just be the need to put it down here) and is unlikely to engage an audience looking for a pragmatic practical colleague to work alongside.

    I would say they are more interested in your approach to managers and colleagues, how you have built trust and confidence and maybe a practical example or two.

    I wouldn't go anywhere near a stakeholder map in a 5 minute presentation unless I had been asked to - I cant imagine anyone would use one IRL often.

    So, for me it's keep it simple and practical. Something like

    1) Key stakeholders - Business Leaders, HR Colleagues, Colleagues - where in past they have had unique needs and how you have addressed those
    2) What your personal style and approach is - data driven? personable? Monthly catch ups, 1-2-1s, reports etc
    3) An example where you had an excellent relationship with a stakeholder and why
    4) An example where the relationship was poor and what you did to turn it round

    Just my thoughts and some will depend on the type of organisation and their approach.
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    Thank you, now it makes sense where and how am I going to discuss my experience and skills - I have numerous examples. The presentation will be followed by a 30 min interview with competency based questions I assume. Your advice is exactly what I needed to match theory with practice and put my thoughts in order. Years ago, I went for an interview like this with the same topic and the feedback was my presentation was too academic. Thank you, I am very grateful for your advice.
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    No worries - good luck with the interview
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    many thanks.