Returning from Career Break

Hi there

I have a background as a HR Generalist (10+ years) I then moved into an ER role where i was for about 1.5 years before having my son. I left employment in 2019 to become a full time mother, I’m now struggling to find a suitable position. I’ve been searching for ER roles, as that’s what where I wish to pursue my career. 

I’ve been able to secure interviews however haven’t been able to move forward. I’ve not received any concrete feedback from my interviews apart from others having more relevant experience. 

Does anyone have advice, or has previously used any good careers/jobs coaches?

Thank You! 

  • Hi Shital, welcome to the communities. You may like to do a quick search for historic threads on this forum as this topic comes up from time to time but also, I thought this link to the Careers section on this website might also help: www.cipd.co.uk/.../career-guidance
    Wishing you every success with your job search. :-)
  • Hi, I took a long career break to bring up my family and have 10 yrs experience as an L&D Manager... I know what you’re going through! This maybe a long-shot, however to suggest a different venue, there are a number of organisations now that offer on-line HR services for businesses. If you feel it maybe worthwhile, have a look on-line and see if you may like to contact any of them and ask if they are hiring. It may not be exactly what you want, but could be a start. Good luck!
  • I recommend you track down Jane Middleton from Trapeze HR and Ellie Rich-Poole. Both are on LinkedIn and may be able to offer you some insights.