Getting hired amidst a pandemic

Hello, I'm a recent graduate who has completed master's in International Human Resource Management and Development from the University of Glasgow. I'm an active student member of the CIPD. I graduated in December and have been applying for entry level and graduate level jobs within the UK ever since. As an international student, my visa expired this March and I had to return back to my home country. Even after returning home, I've been actively looking for opportunities and applying for the same. I've also applied for internships, graduate roles, apprenticeships, etc. However, all I receive are rejections and I don't understand the reason behind it. I have tried tweaking my CV and cover letter and everything that I could probably do from my end. I'm guessing getting sponsored by an organsiation or asking for Certificate of Sponsorship from the organisation I apply to, is the main reason for my rejections. Can someone please tell me what the probable solutions to my situation could be? I've always wanted to work in the UK and any help would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to know if organisations in the UK are still hiring international people and/or sponsoring them amidst this pandemic or is it just me? Thank you for your time and consideration
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    Given current immigration rules I think it’s unlikely many organisations would be willing or in a position to bring in an entry level HR person from overseas. I think therefore if your dream is to work in UK the route may well be a longer one and involve getting some experience first and applying again later on.

    I am sorry not to be more positive.
  • Hi Denjel

    I'm afraid I agree with Keith. If you try searching these forums, you will find many, many posts from people struggling and failing to break into HR who don't have the additional hurdle of requiring an employer to sponsor them. I too would advise you to get some practical experience in your home country. It's a shame no one at Glasgow University told you how hard it is to start an HR career in this country for anyone with qualifications but no or little experience.