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I am currently working in Finance, but I am looking to transition into HR, as I feel this field really appeals to my skillset and my career goals. 

I am quite a sociable person and like to engage with people in my company by getting involved in a collaborative and fun company culture. However I worry that I won't achieve this in HR, as HR could potentially be an isolated role because of its confidential and highly sensitive nature. 

Is HR quite an isolated role, or is it what you make it? Is it possible to find companies where you can still enjoy the social aspect of the company whilst still working in HR please? 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am looking to self fund my CIPD to appeal to employers and any advice on the role would help me to commit to going for the qualification!

Thanks so much in advance!


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    'Friendly but not friends' is an excellent description! Pretty much exactly what I aim for myself. I have seen a few HR professionals come unstuck with difficult work issues when they have developed too close a friendship with a non-HR colleague. That said, I have always been keen to compartmentalise 'work and pleasure' (to coin a rather old-fashioned phrase!) as a personal preference anyway. For example, I tend to embrace a commute, in the before times, at least, because I like the separation of my own life from my work life. But I'm also fortunate to have several circles of close friends and an active social and family life, which I appreciate is not the case for everyone and many will gravitate towards bonding with colleagues as a result. So it's different for everyone, but I'd counsel caution as to the potential 'risks' of getting too close. Finding an organisation with a friendly HR team is a good place to start, as friendships within the department are often less complicated than those between HR and non-HR colleagues. Goodness, that doesn't sound particularly positive! I hope it makes sense!

    I'd also agree with Elizabeth that HR are neither fluffy 'people people' nor 'the police' and anyone who assumes either of those things are true will soon find they are not!
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    10 Jun, 2021 13:50

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    Hi Nikita we ran some free webinars about getting into a career in HR and the recordings are still available. There were some really good tips in there from people professionals and the CIPD. Might be worth a listen to add to all the great guidance you are receiving here on the Community! www.cipd.co.uk/.../building-your-career-2021
  • I think it very much depends on the business, and the type of role you go into with HR.

    I started in a fairly large HR team so the social aspect was very much localised to the HR department. My current role however is a standalone HR role, therefore I've had to develop those social relationships with other departments in order to not be isolated. However the more social relationships I've developed (i.e the people I would be happy to pop to the pub with after work on a Friday) are within similar or linked departments that I work quite closely with on a daily basis - Quality & Health & Safety in my case.

    It does also depend on the business. The Company I'm in at the moment is generally a very friendly company and the Leadership Team will happily have a laugh and joke with employees at levels (our Director this week has joined in with the workshops sweepstake for the Euros). But our employees know the limitations to that as well.
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    Thank you Johanna, I have watched a couple of these now and they were very interesting!