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Hi everyone

I have worked in hospitality as a general manager for over 10 years now and always had a passion for HR, so much so that I was usually the go to for areas of ER. I completed my level 5 in 2018 and I a few weeks I will be starting my Level 7

I am looking to move into HR as a career and wondered if anyone had any advice on how to get my foot in the door? I am watching the CIPD webinars, applying for hundreds of HR jobs and even had my CV reviewed by a professional. There may be opportunities in my current company but there’s is nothing yet and I don’t know how long this may take.

Doew anyone have any words of wisdom?



  • Hey Andrew

    Good luck in your journey

    This is probably one of the most common questions here so there is a wealth of previous advice if you use the search facilities

    Its going to be tough but some people do successfully make the leap

  • Hi Keith

    Yeah I gathered as much. Such a shame that there are so many people passionate and committed to HR and all we need is that one break!

    I will use the search facility and see what comes up

    Thank you
  • In reply to Andrew:

    Focus on HR in hospitality
  • Thanks Peter. I am trying just that, hopefully it will open some doors for me. Andy
  • In reply to Andrew:

    You're almost there Andy, just keep going mate, eventually all the pieces will fall into place, at least that's what happened with me! Maybe try offering your HR services pro-bono to a local charity and pad out your c.v. a bit. Getting involved with the CIPD at the local level will help with networking and might help with your level 7 studies. Perhaps also send a speculative c.v. to smaller HR consultancies that provide services for the hospitality sector at the smaller end of the scale, try looking for them in your local small business directory. But don't give up and all the best.
  • Hi Jim. Some brilliant advice there, thank you!!! It’s certainly all worth trying
  • HI Andy
    I started out same as you GM in hospitality but my interest was always HR. After 12 years i took the plunge and after about a year of interviews i got an HR position. I did have to take quite a large paycut as my first role was as HR Administrator, but I was the only HR person in a growing company and it was a great learning curve. To get more experience i took on temp contracts with different companies and in different fields. I realise that I am most at home in manufacturing and love the variety that brings.
    If you want something, dont give up but be prepared to come back down the ladder before you go up.
    Good Luck
  • Wow thanks Tracey! Some brilliant advice. Happy to take a pay cut as and to apply for administrative roles if it’s a foot in the door. Once again, thanks for reaching out. Andy