Tips and advice... seeking work after career break

Any tips and advice for seeking work in HR following a career break, restoring confidence/expediting a more rewarding career level gratefully received.

Not worked for 12 months, due to caring support but now hoping to return to a HR role (and hopefully move to the next level/a more rewarding role) as well and get back on track albeit part time initially. Although I have some entry level HR experience I want something more rewarding/challenging but it's difficult to get to the next level sometimes eg working on improvement initiatives reducing turnover, absences and improving engagement etc.

I completed CIPD level 5 and a degree last year, and would love to take advantage of the coaching and mentoring volunteering opportunities through CIPD at some stage as well but need to get back into work first. 

HR graduate schemes seem perfect, but I don't think there's many local or that offer part time opportunities that I need at present.

Thanks in advance.