• HR career help from someone who's 'been there'

    Hi everyone, I'm posting this in the Careers Clinic as it might benefit many of you 

    Natalie Ellis, Author of 'Launch Your HR Career' has written a really helpful and practical blog post here on the CIPD website, with some great careers advice…

  • Personal Development/Career Path

    Hi All,

    This is my first post on the forums so I'm hoping that I've come to the right place!

    It's that time of year again, and I've just had my end of year review with my Head of T&D who is my line manager. She has asked the inevitable question…

  • Moving to Ireland - State of the HR Jobs Market

    We're taking a long term look at moving back to Ireland from England. I'm CIPD Level 3 qualified and have almost 10 years experience, almost 4 at Generalist level. We are specifically looking outside of the Dublin area, but are otherwise fairly open.…

  • MBA ( in 4 months) and CIPD L5

    Hi all,

    I was hoping the community could help me in deciding, which job vacancies I should be applying for. I have run a recruitment business (very small - 22 employees), I have mainly been on the HR side of things -( internal recruitment, staff retention…

  • Importance of employee relations in generalist career development

    Career planning dilemma

    I have been doing HR for about 4-5 years but my both roles were in SMEs whith only few ER issues. I did some strategic work with the senior management, reviewed the policies an processes, developed and implemented new systems but…

  • Not sure what my role is now or what to do next?

    Hi everyone!

    I'm hoping for some advice - following a restructure, my post of Exec Assistant was made redundant, and as I'm now qualified (level 5) I got moved to the post of Corporate Governance & HR Officer. I was told there wouldn't be much HR to do…

  • Considering a Future Transition


    I am currently working in youth work, but whilst considering my own future professional development, the area of my role I would like to focus on is training and development, which led me towards considering a move into L&D.

    Whilst I am not…

  • Progressing in HR


    I’m wondering if anyone has any hints, tips or advice they can share about progressing in HR.

    I’ve been an Advisor/Specialist and now work in HR Comms. I’m trying to get back into Advisor work, preferably where I can work more closely with a business…

  • Life with Advanced Level Diploma : MA or practice focus?

    Hi all, 

    I am due to finish my CIPD Level 7 Diploma and I am debating about further career choices and wanted advice for those who are recruiting. 

    For last three years, I work in SME as HR Advisor (without prior HR experience) and I would like to make…

  • How to get into HR?


    I am sure you have seen 100s of posts about getting into HR as a career change! I completed my CIPD Level 3 Certificate at the end of last year and am now an Associate Member. I have recently started looking for HR Assistant jobs and it is quite…

  • Career Advice in Learning and Development

    Hello everyone,

    Until recently I was working with a temporary staffing agency in a mixed HR, Learning and Recruitment role. I have decided that Learning and Development is the right path for me as I loved that aspect of the role, delivering training and…

  • Breaking into the world of L&D

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first post in the community so thank you for taking the time to read it.

    I recently left my job, I was there for five years and worked in a mixed role which included recruitment, onboarding, training, development with some data…