• How did you get into HR/ get your first role?

    Getting into HR seems to be IMPOSSIBLE!

    Just wondering how everyone got started - undergraduate degree or another route?


  • Recruiter or HR Admin?


    I need some career advice as I reached at a crossroad and not sure which choice to make.

    I am currently working as a sourcer and screener in the recruitment team at my company, so mainly not a full recruiter position as there are recruiters whom I…

  • Advice on the transition from a Recruitment Consultant to HR Professional Please

    Hi All, 

    I am currently a Recruitment Consultant with 4 years experience. I am studying my CIPD Level 5 HR Management and looking to make the transition into a Entry Level HR position.

    Does anyone have any advice or have done this themselves before? 

  • Administrator to ......which level?


    I currently work as a HR Administrator and have been in the role for 2 years and have completed my Level 3 CIPD qualification in June. I feel I am ready for the next stage but when looking at jobs which I believe are the next level, assistant, coordinator…

  • How to break into the HR field without experience?

    Hi everyone

    I am currently conducting an MSc HR development and consultancy and I am not working in HR.

    I have tried applying for many opportunities for HR but no lack, i guess that comes down to my inexperience in working in HR 

    What is the best advice…

  • Moving from Dubai to London

    Hello All,

    I've recently completed my Master's degree in HRM with a Level 7 CIPD qualification. 

    All of my HR experience of ten years is based out of the UAE, but I made sure that my degree was from a renowned university in the UK so that when the…

  • Moving from recruitment to HR

    Hi Everyone!

    I was hoping for advice from HR practitioners. 

    I have worked in recruitment (high volume, supplying large warehouse with staff) for 10 years. Recently I did almost a year of “Movement to Work” and now I’m in Apprenticeship sector working…

  • Career Advice - Leeds, UK

    Dear Community Members,

    I would like to seek an advice from all community members regarding HR opportunities at Leeds,UK.

    I have moved from Norway to Leeds three months back. I am HR professional with 9 years of hands on experience as HR Business Partner…