awareness of organization values through boards

we have just endorsed our strategy and values a month ago. 

our top management suggested the awareness of those values through a board where all values and initiatives are listed down.

does anyone have implemented such boards that could provide me with feedback of how it is done.


  • Hello, assuming the boards are some kind of sidewinder display then you can have these produced at any number of marketing and printing firms and they can help with a design and could then be placed around the building.

    While they are good, people can walk past boards and not take notice, so I would also suggest considering other methods and means so that it is more readily seen in the workplace i.e. using IT equipment and other branded materials and including it somehow in team meetings.

    I would also suggest you consider a way that people can easily recall it i.e. use a simple term or sentence that sums it all up for working for the company, maybe a word acryonym - but the important thing is if it is not bought into by staff because it is not accurate to their views of working there, then you may be wasting your time and money on it.
  • In reply to Paul:

    thank you paul. but what are the best practices in embedding values in employees? through what ways?