KPI's for L&D

Hello fellow L&D & HR Professionals! 

We are looking for some partners as we kick of a research project to look at the way L&D reports impact back to the business.

Specifically, we are looking to do some research on similar size companies, also in the tech space, who have a Learning and Development function. As many of us traditional L&D professionals know, communicating L&D KPI’s continues to be a challenge, especially in a tech space where programs and content change so quickly, making it difficult to assess the efficacy of those programs.

We are curious if you would be willing to share any information you have available around the following questions and how you are tackling this within your organization.

  1. What are the KPI’s for the Training/Learning and Development function?

  2. What were the formative steps you took in establishing KPI’s within your T&D/L&D department?

  3. At what point did you begin introducing Training KPI’s to the business?

  4. How frequently do you communicate L&D results to the business?

Thanks in advance!