Why is it so difficult to break into the HR Industry?

Hi Everyone,

My name is Sara and I have always been passionate about HR. I wanted a career in HR since the age of 21 and last year I decided that since I don't have enough HR experience that I would gain a qualification. 

This year I have completed a Level 3 CIPD qualification with Avado and since then I have been applying for HR Admin roles.

I have had zero luck! Considering that I have transferable skills I have not been successful at all. 

I think I am really surprised at how competitive the HR industry is and I am not doubting myself that I will ever gain a role.

If I could afford to do volunteer work I would most definitely do that, but I don't have the luxury as I need to work full time hours to pay my bills!!

How do you gain experience when no one seems to want to give you any?!!

Maybe my CV isn't up to part and I will look into that, but if that doesn't work what else can I do?

any ideas? I don't want the course that I am paying for to be a waste!!

  • Hi Sara,

    I had exactly the same problem. I finished my degree last year and really struggled to even get an admin position. I eventually got an opportunity and started the level 5 whilst also looking for HR positions at the same time, it took me a year to get my current role as a HR Service Partner.

    It can be competitive but keep applying whilst also keeping up to date with changes in legislation etc, this will give you an opportunity to show your knowledge in interviews.

    Do you attend many of the CIPD courses in your area? I found that it is also about who you know and they are the perfect opportunity to meet like minded people.