Booking holidays while on long term sickness

Hi Everyone,

I wonder if someone can help me please. I am currently on long term sick leave because I have because broken my ankle. I have 10 days leave which needs to be taken by the end of the year. My sick certificate ends 9th November, I plan to take 10 days leave from the 10th November (I work Mon-Sat) just before my leave is up i plan to get another certificate and continue with my SSP.

When I put my holidays in my line manager did not approve them saying '' due to you being on long term sickness you can not book any holidays. As sickness over shadows holidays request'  As far as I am aware I can book holidays while on long term sick leave.  I can please get some advise with this. Thank you

  • Hi Marcia

    Your *statutory/EU* annual leave of 20 days pa inclusive of bank etc holidays in all cases accrues whilst you are off sick and if not able to be taken must be allowed to carry over

    Any *contractual / UK WTR* leave entitlement over and above 20 days pa may or may not accrue and/or be allowed to carry over depending what your contract of employment expressly or otherwise provides.

    There is absolutely no prohibition or impediment (other than contractually / under WTR rules about approving leave requests) to booking holidays to be taken whilst on long term sick but of course doing so only makes sense if you're getting nil pay or SSP only - if you're on full pay whilst sick, you may as well forgo taking paid holidays and just let them accrue until you return from sick
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    Thank you so much David.